Manny's is a Town Hall, a Village Square, the place where anyone can meet and engage with civic leaders, elected officials, artists, activists, changemakers, and each other. 


The Manny's team

The goal of Manny's is to create a place to go to engage in civic and political life.

We're a place to go to watch the Presidential debates, to actually meet the people working on the front lines of social change, to discuss the issues that matter with policy makers themselves.

On top of that, imagine a place where you can go just to hang in what feels like an extension of your living room. That's Manny's.

We offer our events space to nonprofits, activists, and civic organizations to do their work as well as host our own civic and arts-related programming.

Our kitchen is run by Farming Hope, a non-profit that hires formerly homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals and trains them in the food skills needed to work in the restaurant industry.

We are committed to the community, aspire to be useful, and welcome every single person into our doors with heart.

We can't wait to meet you.


Let's get in touch!


Mon: Closed / Tu-Fri: 11AM-9PM / Sat: 10AM-9PM / Sun: 10AM-4PM


+1 415 896 4052